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Pre-Approval iconYou get a mortgage pre-approval because you want to know how much you qualify to borrow before you actually go and shop for that house…

You start looking at homes and you’re feeling great – but I’ve heard the horror stories… “My bank told me I could borrow $X, but now they’re saying I don’t qualify – and I’m panicking because I’ve already bought the house!”

Not all mortgage pre-approvals are made the same.  I do my due diligence up front to make sure that you are getting a pre-approval that is reflective of the mortgage you can truly qualify for and afford.

I take the time to do the little things so that you can have confidence in your pre-approval.  In other words – I will pull your credit score up front (which means that I’m investing in you and your purchase), I will ask you about the source of your income, I will talk to you about your down payment and closing costs, and I will discuss affordability of monthly mortgage payments.

If you are looking for a mortgage agent who takes the time to get you the information and answers that you need right from the start, then you have come to the right place.

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