5 Reasons To Speak With Me About Your Mortgage

FREE ServicesMichelle Greenwood

I am always surprised by the number of people that I speak with who think my services will come at an added cost to them.  The reality is that in most cases, my services are provided at no cost to you.  In the rare instance that a lender or broker fee is required to proceed with your mortgage, I will discuss this with you in a forthright and upfront manner so that there are no surprises moving forward.

Lender, Product and Rate Options

With access to a wide variety of lenders, products and rates, I can ensure that my clients are getting the product that is right for their needs.  The mortgage market is a very competitive industry, and a lot of consumers don’t realize how much choice is actually available to them.  You shop around when buying a television or car – why wouldn’t you shop around for your mortgage?  This is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make…let me help you make sure that you are getting the right mortgage for your needs.

High Level of Customer Service

I am a full service mortgage professional – I am with you every step of the way to ensure as smooth a transaction as possible.  My goal is to ensure that you feel confident about your mortgage decision. I take the time to answer your questions and provide you with information relevant to your specific situation so that you can choose the mortgage option that best suits your needs.  And I am here to help you through any bumps that may arise during the process.  (Feel free to check out some of the testimonials I’ve received from my clients).

Objective and Professional Advice Working for You

I work for you – not for a bank or specific lender.  Think about this way – can you walk into a bank and ask them to give you an objective analysis of how their product compares to others on the market?  Of course not – their job is to sell you on their product (and they wouldn’t keep their job for very long if they didn’t).  I have access to a variety of lenders and mortgage options, and am not tied to any one of them.  My goal is to ensure that I am matching you to the product that best suits your needs – whether that product is offered by a bank, credit union, institutional mortgage lender, or other lender.  Even if you’ve already signed a commitment with your bank, let me give you a second opinion so you can be sure that you are getting the best product available!

Knowledge and Experience Developed as a Real Estate Lawyer

The knowledge and experience that I developed as a real estate lawyer is an asset to my clients – no matter what their mortgage needs.  Having been a lawyer, I understand the whole picture, not just one side of it.  And I bring a level of expertise and professionalism matched by few in the industry.  You’re making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life – why would you settle for anything less?

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